"Riina Laine is a master in body painting. Her work is amazingly high-class and detailed. Above that I really enjoy working with her. I'm really looking forward to our next project. "

We made series of tv-commercials based on Riina´s bodypainted vegetables. Beforehand we were a little bit nervous, how to combine naked bodies without destroying image of taste, which is crucial in food advertising. To shoot three different vegetables made of human beings took three days. We were impressed by Riina´s professional commitment to achieve excellent artwork and at the same time commitment to reach our commercial communication targets. The end result was absolutely stunning.

Multi-body painting illusion for a commercial. Artist: Riina Laine
No smoking campaign with body painting. Artist Riina Laine.

Communications agency AC-Sanafor executed a non-smoking campaign for Pfizer in Nov 2014 and Jul 2015. With the campaign we wanted to show the dangers of smoking in a new and shivering way in which the visuality and the storytelling quality are the keys in creating high impact.

We chose body painting as the key element in the campaign. Riina Laine with her assistants painted the side effects of smoking on the models' bodies - like heart disease, lung cancer, damage to fetus and erectile dysfunction. The campaign received great amount of attention in the media and it was awarded with the Silver Stevie and it received Honorary Recognition of Excellence at 2015 Pharmaceutical Information Act of the Year. In addition, the campaign made it to the finals in many international communication awards.

Riina brought the harmful effects of smoking alive in an unforeseen way and created a totally new dimension to our campaign. We are very satisfied with Riina's paintings and her overall work in the campaign.

I was impressed by Riina's team's dedication, professionalism and integrity during the photo shoots of our visual image. Two long days of hard and uninterrupted work to create the bodypainted acrobats, as well as keeping the paintings intact during the session. The end-result is true art, and its uniqueness is making an impact in the business-to-business IT world. See for yourself at http://www.efima.com."

Riina is a talented artist and an absolute expert in her own unique field – body paint. She is passionate and dedicated artist and she executes projects with great ambition. She can trio, she can duo, she can solo – which means she is a good team player but can also come up with excellent ideas and execute projects on her own. I had the pleasure working with her during our Efima Evolution project. I'm looking forward working with her again!

"We used Riina’s professional help when organizing our massive brand relaunch event. Riina managed to bring our key brand elements to life in a beautiful way; the two models became the physical embodiments of our main themes, light and water."

Riina provided face painting for our private party of about 500 people in Helsinki. She was very professional, showing up on time and with an assistant, setting up quickly and adapting to the location with ease. The facepainting itself was awesome, with her easily accommodating any idea or whim of the large crowd without getting flustered and with a smile. Very Creative and beautifully executed, the work immediately elicited many oohs and aahs with people making a beeline to get their faces painted too. Many party goers, including myself, were very sad to eventually have to wash it off.

My every cooperation with Riina has gone "under my skin". The closest feeling how I could describe it with, is the experience of being loved: "somebody sees me, somebody paints me alive".

Body painting simply as an experience is really empowering, you don't realise it until you experience it. Riina did a really good and high-quality job, from processing of the idea to implementing it. We had only talked about the painting via email and phone, but the end-result was simply more than I could have even thought of!

Thank you, Riina. ❤️ It was an incredible experience, a deep journey to somewhere where I've never been. I believe that journey is a healer and I recommend this from the bottom of my heart, to yourself or as a gift to someone. You definitely get more than any material things could ever give you!❤️

I recommend everyone to try body painting with Riina. The experience was something so amazing that it's hard to put into words. Riina made the situation feel so natural that it seemed obvious to undress and stand there being painted.

My important theme was translated perfectly onto the body and I could not have expected a better outcome. The photo shoot that followed the painting was again a place of pushing beyond my own limits, but thanks to Riina's encouraging feedback and atmosphere, I would have even left for the Senate Square to be photographed.

So for myself, this was a really empowering and memorable experience. Thank you, you wonderful, talented Riina.

The colours really pop in the painting and in the photo I received afterwards. It was wonderful to watch Riina paint and how she treated me as an individual instead of doing her work like on an assebly line. She listened to me, laughed with me and was present in the moment. And even though I made her work a little challenging by laughing so hard my whole belly was shaking, she still managed to paint in amazing detail. I totally recommend this to anyone, who truly want beautiful and professional quality with genuine and friendly attitude!

Thanks Riina for your work!! It was great!! Lots of good feedback, muchas gracias!

I give our whole project an A+!

The painting was praised by the audience, the other wrestlers and actually everyone. The paint held up well, and when it came off and stuck to an opponent who was wrestling in all white, it raised the drama to a completely different level. The match also went well, and the feedback says, for example, "the best wrestling match in Finland ever", so you must be satisfied 🙂 Although the painting worked wonderfully visually, it also had a positive effect on my own performance. It brought certainty and certainly, as you said, empowered me. I'm really glad I did this and thank you so much!

Riina Laine is a world champion in body painting and I also reward a medal for her for being a good judge of character and the use of intuition in creating art.

Our bodies and faces are works of art and Riina wants to respect everyone’s unique and natural beauty and personality. The body carries our story with us and body painting is one way to start accepting one’s story, accepting oneself, one’s body and one’s life.

I wanted to tell my story to Riina without words and Riina had the will to listen. Energy flowed strong between us as Riina painted without a plan, respecting and trusting in the wisdom of that energy. I would look like me, the painting would express what I feel, what I am, inside my body. In addition to the turquoise I mentioned as my favorite color, the brushes found rainbow colors on my skin, to Riina’s surprise and to my delight. My book "The Ladders of Love" also has all seven colors of the rainbow. To me, the rainbow symbolizes Hawaii, the seven chakras, the balance of body and mind, the joy of nature, and the joyful colors of life. That's why my other book "Mother's Game" is gray and colored with rainbow splashes of color, because after all that gray, I've found colors and joy inside me. Riina didn't know anything about these - incredible, isn't it?

The experience evoked a lot of memories and feelings, about which I will soon write more on the blog. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to face themselves from deep within, celebrate their body from the surface, and have a stunning image seen through the eyes of the artist.

I especially recommend this to those wrestling with shame. Shame has been my faithful friend all year as I have become more visible than ever through my books and writings. This picture is therefore very relevant to me. I refuse to be invisible, no matter how the ego warns me through shame about other people’s opinions and ridicule, worthlessness and incompetence.

I AM ALLOWED TO BE ME, so crackling, loud, colorful and happy, and as profound, quiet, gloomy and low as I happen to be at that very moment. Free to experience depth and surface.

Thank you Riina.