Pantone flashing body paint

These fun loving images were originally created for Finnish shoe brand Minna Parikka. These pictures show how perfectly body painting can be used within fashion advertising to support the original designs. This campaign has  been shared in numerous blogs around the world and it received the Golden Prize at Vuoden Huiput (The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition).
The team behind the images was illustrator Janine Rewell, body painting artists Riina Laine and Saara Sarvas and photographer Jonas Lundqvist.  
And now.. 

Camouflage body painting for Minna Parikka campaign- With Janine Rewell. |

Have you seen these new covers of PANTONE Formula Guides and PANTONE Solid Chips yet?!

Body painting images for Pantone. Artist Riina Laine with Janine Rewell & Minna Parikka
Janine Rewell & Minna Parikka colaboration on the covers of Pantone guides. Body painting: Riina Laine & Saara Sarvas - Photo credits:
Through world-wide social media attention our bright and colourful images have now ended up on the new covers of Pantone!!! How cool is this?!
PS. Here’s a great behind-the-scenes video of the making of these fabulous pictures!


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