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Exclusive Fine Art

Fine Art

Transforming you into a powerful piece of art that embodies your heartbeat and energy.

An immersive and transformative experience that offers a unique blend of personal discovery, masterful artistry and authenticity.

A powerful piece of art


On you. Of you. For you. With you.

The closest feeling how I could describe it, is the experience of being loved: ​'somebody sees me, somebody paints me alive'.

Embrace Your Unique Beauty:
A Celebration of Authenticity

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey, tailored exclusively for those who seek the extraordinary. Delve into the ancient origins of artistic expression with my Exclusive Fine Art Experience, a testament to the innate connection between humanity and this age-old art form.
In a world that values elegance and refinement, I offer something different — an experience rooted in authenticity, primal energy, and presence. 

Step into a space where you can simply be without pretense or conformity.

Let the ancient art of body painting awaken a primal connection within your very being. 

Celebrate your unique beauty as I listen intently and hear what you have to say.

Immerse yourself in the creative process as brushstrokes reveal your unique spirit. 

Exclusive Fine Art Experience

Fine Art

Allowing our energies to connect, I intuitiveIy create your personal bespoke experience with a stunning body painting that captures your true essence. Every color, brushstroke, and detail is a reflection of your body, heart, mind, and soul, creating an authentic representation of your inner divinity. 


Transcending ordinary posters, the artwork created from your photograph becomes a true embodiment of love and self-expression. It’s a timeless reminder of the profound connection and special moment in your life that you experienced during this transformative journey.

Thank you, Riina. ❤️ It was an incredible experience, a deep journey to somewhere where I've never been. I believe that journey is a healer and I recommend this from the bottom of my heart, to yourself or as a gift to someone. You definitely get more than any material things could ever give you!❤️

The artist

Hi, I'm Riina! A world champion body painting artist.

Body painting, the oldest art form in the world, tells human stories like no other. Throughout my 20-year career, I’ve witnessed its power to evoke admiration, wonder, and spark conversations. Combining my makeup artistry skills with body painting, I’ve worked on diverse projects, from exhibitions to commercials, bringing this art form to a new level of visibility.


I’ve been awarded for my excellent technical skills, creative vision and my understanding of the human form and composition. But my skills go beyond the technical ability – my gift is my intuition. I can sense my clients’ energy and desires, capturing their true essence in fine art on their skin.


This is what I love. Offering once-in-a-lifetime transformational body painting experiences. Transforming your body into a piece of art so you feel empowered, visible and amazing in your own skin. Helping you feel stronger, braver and more confident. Turning your feelings into an art masterpiece that embodies your heartbeat and energy.

My art is Authentic. Colourful. Bold. Intuitive. Unique. And it celebrates your body that carries you through life.

With a commitment to artistically high-quality standards, skilled technique, and the vivid use of colors, I create polished artwork that transcends mere photoshopped perfection. It is a raw and genuine form of luxury that speaks to the depths of your being.

The result is more than just a remarkable work of art — it’s a cherished symbol of your personal voyage, a testament to the beauty that emerges when authenticity is embraced.

A Transformative Journey of Self-Discovery

This extraordinary offering is designed to celebrate the essence of who you are, capturing your unique spirit and creating a bespoke artwork that will adorn your walls for a lifetime.

A Sacred Bond of Love: Celebrating Together

Celebrate the sacred bond of love by commemorating a special milestone in your journey as a couple, whether it’s your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or the anticipation of welcoming your first child.

The extraordinary painting experience.

The breathtaking unique masterpiece capturing
your magical journey.

"We had built our house three years before and we had a high wall space in our living room empty, waiting for the perfect image or artwork. We were finally expecting our first child and wanted to capture that special time in a unique way. Traditional photo sessions didn't feel right, but when we discovered Riina's work, everything fell into place.

The idea of being painted into a piece of art and having a unique photo on our wall resonated with us. It was an exciting and fun experience to have together.

The process of creating the artwork was thrilling. We discussed our wishes with Riina, but naturally gave her artistic freedom to design it. The colors and style she chose fit our interior perfectly, reflecting our desires. Being painted felt natural and relaxing, despite the physical tiredness. The anticipation for the final print was the hardest part of the process!

Opening the package and seeing the artwork for the first time was indescribable... wow. It's perfect. Having a custom piece of art on our wall, rather than a regular photograph, it's more emotional, you can't really compare it to anything. This artwork reminds us not to take anything for granted, be it pregnancy or the miracle of life. It also symbolizes our love for each other, something we need to remember to value and take care of as well.

We later commissioned another painting during our second pregnancy. These artworks tell the story of our journey as a family. Our son knows which painting includes him, and our daughter recognizes her own. The placements of the artworks in our home have remained unchanged and will likely stay that way. The emotional value they hold continues to grow over time. 💛"

"Everything happens for a reason" is a phrase that is often used, and it also holds true for the time I met Riina.

Riina began painting with fiery colors around the heart, with a beautiful division of colors halfway through, symbolizing rebirth in vibrant green. I stood there for a couple of hours, mesmerized as the leaves formed a rope, creating a stunning celestial pattern. Among them, an old withered leaf stood out, but from it sprouted a fresh, lively green leaf.

I had never met this magnificent artist with an incredible vision before. Yet, somehow, in just two hours, she managed to capture everything on my body that I had experienced over the course of past two years.

Love never dies, but falling in love does. This particular person was my flame as well as my universe. However, now it's time to let the green, myself, bloom."


Embrace the Extraordinary

This exclusive journey is an authentic and down-to-earth yet luxuriously immersive experience that offers extreme high quality, exceptional artistry, and calming presence. It seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, offering a genuine and grounded atmosphere while providing exquisite artistry and an unparalleled  and unforgettable experience.
Please note that this extraordinary service is by application only, ensuring that I can dedicate my expertise to those truly seeking this transformative experience. If you’re interested in this deeper dive with me, where we can create something truly remarkable together, reach out to me to explore the possibilities and receive further details. 
Let’s embark on this remarkable journey together and bring your vision to life.

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Your Guide to Exclusive Fine Art Experience

Delve into this curated collection of frequently asked questions regarding this extraordinary journey, This is where I address both the artistic aspects and practical details of this bespoke service, from the premium body paints I use to the locations I offer. Your comfort and satisfaction are my unwavering priorities, so if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to contact me directly. Let’s set your soul aglow with a personalized and extraordinary experience that celebrates your journey!

Exclusive Fine Art Experience

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