Empowering body painting

Love & accept yourself just the way you are.

Hey you, who wants to love and accept yourself the way you are.

Would you like to see and feel yourself stronger, braver and bubbling with energy?
Would you like to feel more confident about yourself and your body?
Are you looking for a relaxing moment to yourself, a new and exciting experience and a meaningful photograph of yourself?
This art experience is especially for you.

The closest feeling how I could describe it, is the experience of being loved: 'somebody sees me, somebody paints me alive'.

Empowering body painting celebrates the body that carries you through life.

Being body painted is memorable and emotional. 
No matter how much or how little you dare to bare, I wish it was on everyone’s bucket list.

Feel amazing just the way you are!

(Empowering Body Painting = Voimauttava vartalomaalaus® registered trademark in Finland) 
Empowering body painting boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel amazing in your skin.
Many people feel body painting has changed their perception of their own body into more positive. The touch of the brush feels relaxing and the painting on your skin liberates you and increases acceptance of your own body. Body painting has incredible power to transform you inside and out.
For 15 years I have seen how great an impact my art has on the people I’ve painted. For that reason I have created this Empowering Body Painting -service. 
Feel amazing with Empowering body painting by Riina Laine
Empowering body painting | Voimauttava vartalomaalaus - Artist Riina Laine

Unique painting that highlights YOU.

Empowering Body Painting is unique and custom-designed. It’s based on your ideas and wishes according to your chosen package. 
Body painting works as a tool that can help you see yourself in a new way. Empowering Body Painting can help you find the side of you that’s been hidden, or the part of you that you have suffocated.
You can become visible through art, exactly the way you are.


Liberating and energizing experience that relieves stress, shame and self-doubt.


For you, who wants to love and accept yourself.

Empowering body painting is suitable for anyone.
No matter what size, shape, colour or age you are.
This is especially for you, if…
you are insecure about your body and would like to show yourself more kindness.
you would like to see yourself with fresh eyes.
you are ashamed and hide yourself, even though you wouldn’t want to.
you need some calming time for yourself and a chance to just be and focus on yourself .
you want to do something new and step outside of your comfort zone.
you want an exciting experience and a stunning art photo of yourself.
you want to bring your story to life through your body and art.


Me without clothes on in front of a stranger? No way!

You might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, letting me, a stranger literally on your skin and to create my art on it. In that moment you also need to face yourself, because you can’t fiddle with your mobile or focus on anything but being.
The discomfort fades away quickly. You will notice, that the situation is actually very natural, relaxing and joyful. At times you might fall into your thoughts and even forget the painting. Thoughts and emotions might arise, and it’s okay. You can talk or be silent.
In the end you probably can’t put this experience into words. You become a part of art and the art becomes part of you. Body painting has an amazing ability to transform you inside and out.

And then I'd need to pose for the camera? NEVER.

Empowering Body Painting package includes photography. The artwork on your skin is immortalised in a photo.
Many people find being photographed scary and akward, but without even noticing it, the painting on your skin releases the fear of posing.  When your body is painted, it’s easier to be visible and open. You don’t pay attention to “the flaws” but you’re present and real, and that creates a perfect photo.
The photo is supposed to be a visual and tangible memento of your experience. You get to choose your favourite one or pick many. You might surprise yourself and have the picture printed on canvas as a powerful artwork on your wall. You might not even imagine doing that now, but my statistics speak different!
Empowering body painting | Voimauttava vartalomaalaus by artist Riina Laine
Empowering body painting | Voimauttava vartalomaalaus by artist Riina Laine

You get inner power for a long time

Empowering Body Painting is an experience you won’t forget. The painting process may be more important to you than the final photo included in the package. For many, however, the experience really opens up a little later just when looking at the pictures. The body painting experience touches both the skin and the inside, so it can be so profound that it requires some time to absorb it all. The most beautiful feedback has come even weeks later!


How does it really feel?

Outi Mäenpää -Empowering body painting by Riina Laine | Voimauttava vartalomaalaus ® | www.riinalaineartist.com

Thank you, Riina. ❤️ It was an incredible experience, a deep journey to somewhere where I've never been. I believe that journey is a healer and I recommend this from the bottom of my heart, to yourself or as a gift to someone. You definitely get more than any material things could ever give you!❤️

Body painting simply as an experience is really empowering, you don't realise it until you experience it. Riina did a really good and high-quality job, from processing of the idea to implementing it. We had only talked about the painting via email and phone, but the end-result was simply more than I could have even thought of!

"Thank you! It was a really wonderful experience. I looked at my mobile phone picture the whole train trip to Tampere 🙂 I thought in advance that body painting is the most powerful thing. In the end, the painted face was so much more important to me. Through that, I realized how much appearance affects a person. The painting was amazingly miraculous and truly natural. Thanks again, hope to see you again someday!"

The feeling of being painted was empowering and surprisingly comfortable! I would be happy to implement a different kind of painting sometimes, just as I pondered after our session. ❤️ I would recommend Power Colour painting to a wide variety of people, who want to see, through these exceptional and perhaps distressing times, how powerful and beautiful they are in the end, regardless of gender or age!

Thank you again for a great eagle. It is perhaps the best gift I have ever received in my life. The whole evening I've spent staring at it and bragging about it to others. You are the best, well, it has already been proven in 2014 and a nice person as well. All the best and thank you again.

Riina Laine is a world champion in body painting and I also reward a medal for her for being a good judge of character and the use of intuition in creating art.

Our bodies and faces are works of art and Riina wants to respect everyone’s unique and natural beauty and personality. The body carries our story with us and body painting is one way to start accepting one’s story, accepting oneself, one’s body and one’s life.

I wanted to tell my story to Riina without words and Riina had the will to listen. Energy flowed strong between us as Riina painted without a plan, respecting and trusting in the wisdom of that energy. I would look like me, the painting would express what I feel, what I am, inside my body. In addition to the turquoise I mentioned as my favorite color, the brushes found rainbow colors on my skin, to Riina’s surprise and to my delight. My book "The Ladders of Love" also has all seven colors of the rainbow. To me, the rainbow symbolizes Hawaii, the seven chakras, the balance of body and mind, the joy of nature, and the joyful colors of life. That's why my other book "Mother's Game" is gray and colored with rainbow splashes of color, because after all that gray, I've found colors and joy inside me. Riina didn't know anything about these - incredible, isn't it?

The experience evoked a lot of memories and feelings, about which I will soon write more on the blog. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to face themselves from deep within, celebrate their body from the surface, and have a stunning image seen through the eyes of the artist.

I especially recommend this to those wrestling with shame. Shame has been my faithful friend all year as I have become more visible than ever through my books and writings. This picture is therefore very relevant to me. I refuse to be invisible, no matter how the ego warns me through shame about other people’s opinions and ridicule, worthlessness and incompetence.

I AM ALLOWED TO BE ME, so crackling, loud, colorful and happy, and as profound, quiet, gloomy and low as I happen to be at that very moment. Free to experience depth and surface.

Thank you Riina.

Body painting and make-up artist Riina Laine


Hi! I'm Riina. I have also struggled with accepting myself and my body.

As a child, I was brave and outgoing, loud and shameless. I had a lot of friends and I loved to perform whenever the opportunity came. According to what I’ve heard, at a party once I rushed to the stage excited and sang a popular Finnish childen’s song. When an error came, I stated “No” and started all over again. Brisk without a drop of shame.
But like many, that girl got lost somewhere on the threshold of middle school. She was replaced by uncertainty and difficulty accepting herself.
I was that girl with straight A’s who demanded more of herself than anyone else. My perfectionism increased my uncertainty, nothing was enough for myself. At the same time, I was in pain as I received positive attention for my success as well as name-calling. I just wanted to be like the others, to merge into the crowd. It was hard to accept that I was visible, even though at the same time I missed it immensely.
At the same time, insecurity about my body arose. It started from the inappropriate laughter of some boys in elementary school. Those comments stayed in my mind for years and I couldn’t let go of them. I considered them true and covered “the flaws” of my body even as an adult. With age, gentleness towards oneself naturally increases. I, too, gained confidence through work, friends, relationships. But nonetheless, I carried complexes with me.
I’ve been doing body painting since 2007, and over the years I’ve noticed how big a positive effect my paintings have on my models. The initial nervousness disappears and most forget that they are almost naked. The joy of seeing oneself as a work of art is palpable and no one has mentioned anything negative about their body after the painting has been finished. 99% would like to get painted again.
As I had painted so many people, I wondered if I could feel like my models. Could body painting heal my wounds too? I myself had only had my face painted, and I seriously suspected that the magic of body painting would not work for me. One day when I felt really down I forced myself to try the paint on myself. When applying paint to myself in front of the mirror, I remember feeling desperate, I saw all the flaws of my body. I cried too, but I persevered. And the more finished the painting looked like, the easier it felt to breathe. And when I looked at the pictures on my camera screen, I sighed out loud “wow!”.
I still don’t understand what happened at that moment, but the uncertainties about myself that had disturbed my mind for almost my entire life began to vanish. I named my painting “Dance with myself” and the printed artwork still adorns my kitchen. I’ve painted myself again since, but painting myself is so hard that today I prefer to focus on making other people works of art! 😄
That feeling is indescribable when I see my client’s joy and how they are moved by their own image. It’s so amazing to see them praising themselves and what they look like. They wouldn’t want to do anything else but to stare at themselves in the mirror and admire. That transformation touches me every time. That’s why I love this – Body painting is wonderful, but  there’s nothing better than making another person see themselves as gorgeous as the rest of us see them!


How is Empowering Body Painting implemented?

Coffee/ tea and a little snack whilst we get to know each other.
We go through your ideas for the painting once more.
Body painting according to your chosen package (approx. 2-4 hours) NOTE: I use only paints that are meant for skin (no acrylics etc!)
Photographing the painting (30-60min)
Chatting and reflecting
You get to enjoy the painting at home and really take it in.
You get to see approx. 20 images, of which you can choose your favourite one. You get a high resolution and web version of the edited photo.
If you can’t choose your favourite photo, you can always order several.
You can also book me to do your hair and make-up for the session.
You can have your photo printed as your power artwork for your home.

Where & When

I have a studio in Herttoniemi, Helsinki (Finland). I have appointments with my private clients here and depending on your chosen package, this is where your painting and photoshoot takes place too.
Of the Empowering Body Painting packages, the Power Place -package is executed in your chosen environment. For other packages it’s also possible for me to come to you. If you’re interested in this option, please contact me in advance. -> riina@riinalaineartist.com.
For now, I don’t have an automatic booking system, so you can enquire about available times on your booking email. It varies, but usually there are times available within a month or two.
It’s best to book a whole day for this experience from your own calendar. That way you get the most out of this even after the painting session. (Most people wouldn’t want to wash the painting away and some have regretted that they didn’t have a chance to enjoy the painting till the evening!)

What is the investment for Empowering Body Painting?

I have three different packages available for you – POWER COLOUR, POWER THEME and POWER PLACE. Below you can see how the packages differ from each other and you can click to view sample images. Below them you can see the additional services.
Choose the package most suitable for you and contact me!
If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Power Colour

What colours touch you? What colours feel strong to you right now? What colours attract you and give you energy? Or simply, what is your favourite colour?
This empowering body painting is abstract and created with colours chosen by you. The painting is done intuitively on a half or full body.
Style: Abstract
Location: Studio

Begins at
1 500 € / ≈ 1 630 USD ->

Power Theme

What theme or subject is important to you? Do you have any special or important matters in your life that give you power? (Examples from my clients: spirit animal, nature, a beautiful scarf inherited from grandmother.)
This empowering body painting is abstract or objective and created with a theme chosen by you. We can use your power colours for this one too. 
Style: Abstract and/or objective
Location: Studio

Begins at
1 800 € / ≈ 2 000 USD ->

Power Place

Is there a special place that has great meaning to you? What place reflects your story? Or where do you find peace, feel centered and balanced? Is it maybe the forest near you, the seashore or the garden of your summer house?
This empowering body painting is abstract and photographed on your chosen location. We can use your power colours to this on too. Alternatively, we can merge you into the surroundings with camouflage painting technique. Depending on the location/ weather the painting is created indoors in advance or at the location.
Style: Abstract / camouflage
Location: Your chosen place
The package includes travelling costs in greater Helsinki area. If your special place is somewhere else, just request a quote.

Begins at
2 800 € / ≈ 3 050 USD ->

Additional services

The prices include one digital photograph in high resolution form. You can order extra photos for 50 €/ 55 USD each. 
If you want, I can style your hair and do your make-up to match the overall look. Investment for this package is 300 € / 325 USD.
All prices include VAT 24%.
We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

"I recommend everyone to try body painting with Riina. The experience was something so amazing that it's hard to put into words. Riina made the situation feel so natural that it seemed obvious to undress and stand there being painted.

My important theme was translated perfectly onto the body and I could not have expected a better outcome. The photo shoot that followed the painting was again a place of pushing beyond my own limits, but thanks to Riina's encouraging feedback and atmosphere, I would have even left for the Senate Square to be photographed.

So for myself, this was a really empowering and memorable experience. Thank you."

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