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Body painting is an excellent and efficient solution for commercial projects. 
It helps your brand stand out by providing content to your campaigns and events.

Logo body painting for a PR event | Artist: Riina Laine | Client: Crunchips
Add buzz to your campaign

Body painting is perfect for any business that wants to be seen and talked about. It’s excellent for brands who aren’t afraid to do something different than their biggest competition, and they’re certainly not scared of being seen.

Get people talking

Body painting always attracts attention and becomes a special talking point among the viewers. It  can be used in many ways to benefit your project.  We can create any design tailored to your product, event theme or campaign requirements.

Logo body painting for a PR event | Artist: Riina Laine | Client: Bayer
Get your brand noticed

Branding the model with your company logo will add extra value to the custom-design painting. The content shared through social media gives you maximum attention!

what my clients say

"Riina created a totally new dimension to our successful non-smoking campaign. We are very satisfied with Riina's paintings and her overall work."

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