Body painting for Events – Effective and Impressive Secret to Wow People!

Are you having a launch party or are you setting up a stand for a trade show and you want to make sure people notice your brand? Do you want to come up with something that gets people talking and invites them to get to know what you’re offering? Or are you organizing an event, a corporate party, an awards gala or a festival and you’re thinking what kind of entertainment to have to really impress your guests and visitors? Do you want to wow them, show them something extra special and eye-catching and make them remember your party even the morning after? 

Here’s the idea for you – original and unique living, breathing, moving pieces of art that fit your brand and highlight the theme of your event like nothing else. Live body painting fascinates everyone and it’s a guaranteed way to catch everyone’s eyes.

Logo body painting for a PR event | Artist: Riina Laine | Client: Crunchips
Product launch & festival
Logo body painting for a PR event | Artist: Riina Laine | Client: Bayer
Logo Body painting by Riina Laine at Slush

Commercial events

Body painting is an excellent fit for commercial events. It’s a fantastic  way to attract attention at trade shows, product launches, all sorts of PR events, corporate events, festivals, you name it. People absolutely love watching the painting process, they love seeing the transformation. So it’s an effective way to entice people to come over to your stand, come back a few times or even stay there – which then gives you a perfect opportunity to speak to them. And once the paintings  are done, the models become these living pieces of art that the crowd can’t stop looking at. We can add even more value to the paintings if we incorporate your logos to them, that way the models kind of become walking advertisements for you. And because body painting amazes people, they take photos and videos them,  and share them on social media – Ta-da! You get free visibility! 

Body painting adds excitement to your live campaign and gets people to notice you and your brand. The paintings are always designed to fit your needs and your theme, to compliment your goals. And just like everyone else, remember to capture the models on photos and video – that gives you some really nice content for your own social  media too. My tip is to have models who are  professional performers, dancers, acrobats, contortionists… That way you create extra buzz around them. Or how about painting your promoters and staff for the event?

Sample events: Start-up business event, Product launch & anniversary party, Live painting at a conference, PR launch party, PR at a festival, Sports event, Business opening party

Event entertainment

Body  painting is wonderful and magical entertainment for events and parties as independent art installations and painting performances.  It’s captivating for people to see the human bodies becoming pieces of art. We are all naturally interested in the human form and when it’s dressed in paint, it’s fascinating. Combined with other art forms such as dance, acrobatics, pole arts, gymnastics etc we can create amazing and memorable shows for the audience. Give your guests a show that they won’t forget! 

UV body painting is probably one the most entrancing forms of body art. It is particularly good for live performances and festivals & carnivals. The special neon paints that are used in UV painting might not all look so bright in natural light, but under the blacklight they really come alive. The painting looks vibrant and in a way even surreal.

event entertainment - body painting performances. Artist Riina Laine
Sample events: Festival, Dance show, Talent TV show, Garden show/ exhibition, Contemporary music performance, Radio Awards Ceremony

Body & face painting for your guests & visitors

If you’re organizing an event, you can book an artist to entertain your guests and create quick face & body paintings or arm decorations for  them. This is another fabulous way to attract people to your festival stand or provide some surprising entertainment for your guests & visitors. You might think that face painting is only meant for kids, but you’re so wrong. It is so much fun for adults too. Not only for halloween but for any theme or  costume party it’ is’s a super playful addition. I can guarantee that once the first brave one is painted, there’s a queue because everyone wants to try it. People of all ages LOVE it!

quick body and face painting for events | Artist Riina Laine
Sports event and music festival
fun face and body paintings for commercial events | Artist Riina Laine
Halloween party and music festival

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