The most beautiful and relaxing way to celebrate pregnancy

I wanted a beautiful memory of my baby belly. There's nothing more unique and special than getting a stunning painting on your belly created by this talented artist. She painted my belly with the theme of my choice, so beautiful, original and on top of that I got to laugh with Riina as much as I could. I recommend this to everyone!

De-stress and relax

Are you pregnant and really need some relaxing time with your bump?

Belly painting is a calming experience and it gives you a moment to concentrate on only yourself and your baby. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and capture this special time in your life.

Fox and bunny belly painting by Riina Laine |
Unicorn belly painting art by Riina Laine |

Be proud of your bump

Do you want photos of your pregnancy, but hate posing and feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Belly painting is perfect for you. The main focus is on your belly that is decorated with a beautiful painting. The painting suits your belly and even the stretch marks are covered. It’s designed according to your wishes, so the picture will be something you can’t wait to show people and frame for the nursery.  

the best present

Are you looking for a baby shower gift and want something else than the traditional diaper cake?

Belly painting is the most amazing & surprising present  for a mother-to-be! It’s a fun way to show off your bump, and the painting is often loved so much that the tears of joy can’t be avoided. What would be a better gift for yourself or your friend?

Swans belly painting by Riina Laine |

Pamper yourself & love your pregnant body!


Belly art is always designed for you. I can create the painting according to your wishes and ideas, or you can give me the artistic freedom to create something beautiful, adorable or cute to decorate your bump. 


The finished artwork will be photographed and you will get the digital versions to yourself. Having the picture framed in the nursery is a nice memory of the beginning of a new life. Both parents can take part in the session and you can create a family portrait! 


The paints I use for belly painting are non-toxic cosmetics and meant for skin, so they are safe for you and your baby.The suggested timing for belly painting is during the last 3 months of the pregnancy, depending on the size of your bump, and of course how you feel.
Floral pregnancy belly painting by Riina Laine
Watermelon belly painting by Riina Laine |


The best way to surprise the mum-to-be is to book her a belly painting session before the baby shower party. That way she gets to have some relaxing time, really concentrate on her baby’s reactions to the brush strokes and enjoy the peaceful energy that surrounds the moment. As a bonus she then gets to show off her beautiful bump to her friends! Then you can all focus on the party itself and there’s no waiting for the guests. 
Belly painting is always designed to fit the parents’ wishes.  So if the painting is a surprise , it’s best to try and fish some ideas from them in advance.  Be a little sneaky and speak with their friends too, and you will get some information that will help designing the painting beforehand. Of course if you book some extra time then the painting can be fully designed on the spot too. Alternatively you can book the  ‘SIMPLE’ package which guarantees a beautiful ornamental design in the colours of  the mother’s choice!
Don’t worry if you can’t fit the painting session for the baby shower day or you can’t get any ideas for the painting.  You can always just give a gift certificate! Then the mum can think about the theme and book the session with me to fit her calendar the best. I bet she will still share the pics with all of you so you get to see the result as well!

Belly painting featured on TV & Online

☆ Watch the video! 60 Second Docs featured my maternal belly art on their documentary series.

YLE TV 1 featured my belly paintings on Puoli Seitsemän -program. Check out the online article about it! (In Finnish)
☆ Great article (in Finnish) on Vauva-magazine about belly painting. My client Viivi sharing her experiences on the surprise gift she received from her friends. -> Vauvakutsujen hitti on belly painting – Näin maalaus onnistuu.

Yesterday's experience was unforgettable at every level. I anticipated it to be wonderful, but I couldn't even expect such a powerful emotional reaction. But your presence and incredible skill, which you possess, moved me.

The painting turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined! You beautifully captured our thoughts and created a unique artwork that, in such a delicate way, at least in my eyes, depicted the miracle of a child and the tender time of pregnancy.

And the entire painting session was wonderfully relaxing, and the strokes of the brushes felt so soothing. I'm glad yesterday became a reality, and now we have an everlasting memory with the pictures. <3

Yesterday, I couldn't find any words other than saying that the painting is beautiful. But fortunately, emotions speak for themselves too. 🙂 I sat on the couch yesterday, examining the painting, and sometimes I had to go in front of the mirror to admire the entirety. Thank you again.


Images below are samples of the style fit for particular package. Send a message if you can’t decide or if you’re wondering what package applies to your idea!

You can find the package rates after the gallery.



  • 1 h design of your choice
  • 1 x photograph (high resolution & web-version)


  • 2 h design of your choice
  • 1 x photograph (high resolution & web-version)


Pricing on request
  • Fine art body painting design
  • Premium art print on canvas
  • 1 x photograph (high resolution & web-version)
Extra hours for more complex paintings (eg. half or full body paint) start from 120 €/h.
All packages include one high resolution digital photo of the belly.  Extra photos 50 €/ photo.
Prices incl. VAT 24%
We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.
The painting is done at my studio at Helsinki city centre (Finland). I can also come to your place of choice (a seperate fee for travelling applies). Request for a quote.

Belly painting enquiry

Contact Riina

The colours really pop in the painting and in the photo I received afterwards. It was wonderful to watch Riina paint and how she treated me as an individual instead of doing her work like on an assebly line. She listened to me, laughed with me and was present in the moment. And even though I made her work a little challenging by laughing so hard my whole belly was shaking, she still managed to paint in amazing detail. I totally recommend this to anyone, who truly want beautiful and professional quality with genuine and friendly attitude!