Transforming people into works of art

World Bodypainting Champion
Professional Body Painting Artist

When a human body is painted, it becomes a living piece of art
with colour, design, movement and primal emotion, all in one.
Nothing is more fascinating.

Who is body painting for?


Hi, I’m Riina!

Body paint has the power to transform you inside and out.

I’ve been in love with body painting for over 15 years. From the beginning I’ve witnessed the power it has to evoke admiration, wonder and opinions. I’ve seen how this art connects people and how it vibrates transformational energy that’s indescribable. The only way to understand it is to experience it. Let me show you!

so what can i do for you?


AUTHENTIC. Colourful. Intriguing. Bold. Unique.

Engaging & Eye-catching

Commercial Body Art

Advertising | Promotion | Music videos ​| ​Trade shows ​| Events | Parties | Fashion | Entertainment

Get your company & brand noticed and make an impact! Body painting is the ultimate tool for creating visually breathtaking campaigns. Beautiful, shocking, bold or colourful – Unique designs are made to fit your needs and project goals for maximum attention.

Body painting by Riina Laine | Minna Parikka & Janine Rewell collaboration

Unforgettable EXPERieNCE

Private Clients

Feel exceptional and empowered by becoming a piece of art! 

Fall in love with yourself through body paint. Celebrate the body that carries you through life also when you’re pregnant! You can also invest in an extraordinary experience – a custom-design exclusive fine art body painting that’s turned into a beautiful artwork on your wall. 

what my clients say

I give the whole project ​an A+.

I love my clients. Here’s what they have to say about me!